If the situation in Tibet is not stable, it is not allwed to travel around or there are more restorictions. Please click here for "Tibet News" to know the present situation.
If you don't understand why it is not allowed to travel freely in Tibet now, please click here for the explanation.  
Click here to know see the FAQ.
Please read carefully and understand the conditions below before you apply.
  1. Application for tour
    (1) Confirm itinerary
      a. (a) First of all, please provide your specific itinerary from the day you enter TAR (Tibet Autonomous Region) until you leave TAR.
      b. (b) If your itinerary is not confirmed, we can provide the rough quote based on other customer's itinerary and price. You can make your decision refer to the price.
      c. (c) If your travel in Tibet is confirmed and you can provide your itinerary and also the number of people, then we will give you the accurate quote based on your every request. Please let us know as specificas as possible.
        Example Itinerary;
Date Itinerary Car hiring
D1 Get on a train in Chengdu   on a train
D2 On a train   on a train
D3 Arriving Lhasa by train   Not necessary
D4 Lhasa city Not necessary Not necessary
D5 Lhasa - Shigatse Necessary Necessary
D6 Shigatse - Lhasa Necessary Not necessary
D7 Lhasa city Not necessary Not necessary
D8 One day to Namtso Lake Necessary Not necessary
D9 Lhasa - Chengdu by flight    
    (2) Quote for tour in Tibet
      a. We give you a quote according to your itinerary. Please remind that the price is changeable. So please apply for the tour when the quote is still effective.
      b. Our quote always include following items;
        - Transport from the hostel to Shuangliu airport / Railway station (shared with other people)
        - English Guide in Tibet. On the arrival day and the leaving day, the guide only take you to the airport / railway station (or to Nepal border). Guide service is available for extra charge on the arrival day and the departure day if you would like the guide to accompany you to scenic spots or shopping.
        - Guide's meal and accomodation
        - Car hiring when you leave Lhasa center and go to other place
        - Driver's meal and accomodation
        - All necessary permits to carry out the itinerary
      c. It is possible to pay for the following items in each places when you travelling in Tibet. Please ask us if you need us to include them to the quote.
        - Car hiring in Lhasa city
When you go for sight-seeing in Lhasa city center, you can go without hiring a car and this help you saving money! You can use taxi or local city bus. But please pay for the guidefs transport if you take a bus.
        - Accomodation arrangement
You can decide and book the accomodation by your self or we can help you for reservation.
        - Meals
You only have to pay for your own meals.
        - Entrance fees
You only have to pay for your own entrance.
      d. Other things you will need to spend before you leave for the trip.
        - Post charge for the original permit sent from Lhasa to
our hostel (only when it is neccesary to send it by fast post)
        - Transport between railway station / airport and Lhasa city
  2. Quote for transport to / from Tibet
    (1) Except tour in Tibet, you have to buy plane or train ticket to/ from Lhasa. You can book by yourself, or ask us to arrange together with the tour.
    (2) Please read carefully and understand the "Ticket Booking Notice and Conditions".
    (3) Please refer the information at here for the train ticket price and train information.
  3. Apply

If you can accept all of the conditions and quote, please follow our stafffs advise and provide followings when the conditions and price are still effective, otherwise it won't be able to make the arrangement. Followings are the necessary documents;

    It is best if you scan (or take photo by digital camera) and attach the image to email, otherwise sending by fax is also fine. Followings are the necessary documents;
    (1) Passport, the page with your face-photo and name
    (2) Valid Chinese Visa
      a. Should be valid until you finish the tour in Tibet
      b. Beware: If you have the "L" visa, there is no problem. If you have any other type of visa, please provide the relevant certificate (such as student card if you have a student visa, proof of employment from the company with official stamp if you have a working visa, etc).
      c. Neccesary to show only if you (will) have Chinese visa.
      d. If you are visiting China without applying Chinese visa (such as Singapore passport holders), please show the entry stamp which you get at the immigration when you enter to China. This is temporal policy. Please read the detail at at here.
    (3) Please read well following documents.We will ask you to sign the agreement after you
arrived our travel desk.
      a. Itinerary and price which you have accepted by e-mail
      b. Application for tour to Tibet, 2010 (this page)
      c. Conditions and Notice for tour to Tibet, 2013
      d. Agreement for travellers who go to Tibet
    (4) Please let us know your occupation.
    (5) Transfer the deposit (Click here to see our international bank account information.)
      a. The amount refer to our staff noticed at the e-mail. Please let us know when the transfer is done. We would to ask you to show Bank Transfer Receipt in case to make sure if your transfer has done correctly.
      b. Your deposit of foreign currency will be exchanged to Chiese Yuan and the rate is based on the date we have received your deposit. When our staff let you know that the amount we have received from you, we will let you know both foreign and Chinese currency.
  4. Others
    (1) If you would like to arrange for airport pick up, plase click here to check the infomation.
    (2) If you would like to make the reservation at our hostel, please click here to check the information and tell us the room type and the date to stay, etc.
  5. Comfirm Booking...
    Once we have received all of the necessary documents and deposit before the appointed date, we will arrange the package for you. You can catch up with current situation anytime by email.
  6. Come to Sim's Cozy Travel Counter, settle the balance and make final comfrimation, give you the ticket and permit...
    (1) Please come to pay the balance and collect your tickets before 21:00 on the day before your departure. We will inform you of the departure time of the free transport from the hostel to the airport / railway station.
    (2) If you have not settled the balance by 21:00 your booking will be cancelled, and you will forfeit your deposit.
    (3) If you will be arriving after 21:00pm please make prior arrangements with our travel agency staff, or pay the whole charge in advance when you transfer through bank.
    (4) Settle the bill
We can accept both major foreign currency or Chinese Yuan, but only cash money is acceptable.
updated on 20th Jan 2013
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